And there is a chance it might be about to become even more thrilling.

Liverpool currently trail Manchester City by a single point with two games left to play and Pep Guardiola’s side are the undisputed favourites to reclaim the crown they won so easily last season.

However, with a tricky clash with Leicester at the Etihad on the horizon, things could still get interesting.

There remains a slight possibility that these two sides, who have matched each other blow-for-blow all season, could have to play-off for the right to be Premier League champions at the end of the season.

Here, Express Sport explains what needs to happen to set up what would be the most exciting Premier League game of all time.

What is the Premier League top two as it stands?

Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool and Manchester City could face off in a title-deciding play-off (Image: GETTY)

Top of the Premier League

Top half of the Premier League as it stands (Image: PREMIER LEAGUE)

Yeah screen grab from PL website if it fits

Who do Liverpool and Manchester City have left to play?


May 4: Newcastle (a) 7.45pm

May 12 Wolves (h) 3.00pm


May 6: Leicester (h) 8.00pm

May 12: Brighton (a)

Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp

Pep Guardiola’s City have the edge over Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool (Image: GETTY)

How can a title-deciding play-off happen?

It goes without saying that both sides will need to finish on the exact same number of points for there to be any chance of a mouthwatering play-off.

Goal difference is then used to separate the sides as – unlike in other competitions – no head-to-head rule exists in the Premier League.

If they cannot be separated by goal difference then the team with the most goals scored will be champions.

A play-off will then take place if they are level on points, goal difference and goals scored.


Klopp needs a goal difference swing of four between now and the end of the season (Image: GETTY)


Guardiola’s side can retain the Premier League with two more wins (Image: GETTY)

Could it happen this season?

Absolutely. While unlikely, do not be surprised if this incredible title-race takes another twist.

It would require a very specific set of results but by digging little deeper you begin to realise it is not beyond the realms of possibility – far from it.

If Liverpool draw against Newcastle and City lose to Leicester, the pair will go into the final game locked on 92 points.

That means the same result on the closing day will see them finish on the exact same number of points.

They will also finish on the same number of points if Liverpool win one and lose one and City draw both of their games.

Liverpool and City

Liverpool and City have been involved in one of the most exciting title races of the Prem era (Image: GETTY)

It begins to get a bit more complicated when we look at goal difference and goals scored.

However, Liverpool made it a little easier with their 5-0 demolition of Huddersfield in their last Premier League outing.

Before that game, Liverpool were miles behind on goal difference but now they need a swing of only four goals.

That is down to their superior defensive record.

City remain six ahead in the goals scored column so Klopp’s side need to score at least six goals in their two matches.

City win Premier League in 2018

City are lookign to retain the crown they won last year (Image: GETTY)

What results will force a play-off?

This is the list of results that could force a play-off.

Liverpool win 5-0 and lose 2-1 – Man City draw both games 0-0

Liverpool win 4-0 and draw 3-3 – Man City win 1-0 and lose 1-0

Liverpool draw both games 3-3 – Man City draw 0-0 and lose 4-0

Liverpool draw 4-3 and lose 4-3 – Man City lose 3-0 and lose 2-0

Liverpool win 6-1 and lose 2-1 – Man City draw 1-1 and draw 0-0

When would the play-off take place?

It would be tricky as City face Watford in the FA Cup final on the weekend immediately after the Premier League’s final games.

Liverpool could also be involved in the Champions League final, although that does not take place until June 1.

In all likelihood, it would be arranged for before the end of May, and probably the middle of the week between the last game and the FA Cup final.

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