However, Lineker, who played for Barcelona for three years in the late 1980s, said he would not apologise and insisted it was a natural reaction to a moment of magic.

“Seem to have upset a few @LFC fans by celebrating greatness last night,” the former striker wrote on Twitter.

“Admittedly it was a bit cringe, but as a former player who loves @FCBarcelona I make no apologies for dancing to the diminutive Dios.”

His words appeared to go down well with most of his followers who were equally stunned by Messi’s show of individual brilliance.

One replied: “Liverpool fan and I don’t care Gary, that’s what football is all about especially when you see such pure quality and skill.

“We’re only human, I’m not mad or salty about anything regarding the game, it’s a knockout game of football that is often defined by moments. Enjoy them.”

Another added: “Gary… As an ex Leicester, Everton, Barca, Spurs and Grampus8 player, you have an absolute right to harbour a slight bias when those teams play.

“Sometimes it hurts to be reminded that you played for anyone else but #THFC! but you’re forgiven.”

Another noted: “Gary never apologise for celebrating a goal in a natural way. If we can’t do that, why do we watch football in the first place?”

A fourth said: “Let the haters hate, it’s a sad day when greatness is not celebrated.

“I was lucky enough to watch Barca at Camp Nou in 2013 and although Messi was injured and I’m not a Barca fan as such it was a privilege to see Iniesta when he came on, another example of greatness!”

Messi has now scored a staggering eight goals directly from free-kicks this season and his latest effort even drew praise from opposition manager Jurgen Klopp.

The Liverpool boss was left to rue a number of missed chances from his side but admitted there was little they could do about a strike of such quality and precision.

“In these moments he is unstoppable,” Klopp said. “We couldn’t defend the free kick. What a strike.

“The second goal was probably not the nicest in the career of Lionel Messi but it shows his skills that he is even there in that moment.”

Messi, though, was a little more modest when questioned after the game and insists he was ‘lucky’ to see it fly in the top corner.

“The goal from the free kick? It was spectacular, but I was lucky to have found the corner,” he added.

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